Firstly let us introduce you to our Certified Organic, Vegan & Fairtrade skincare & routine products. 

Professional organic cosmetics for clinic and home use

The organic skin care health experts.

The source for ethical sustainable science based organic skin care.

Licensed certified organic manufacturer - Vegan and PETA registered.

FREE from petrochemicals and parabens

FREE from fillers and binders

FREE from artificial fragrances and essential oils

FREE from suspect processes such as nanotechnology



SOPHYTO’s agricultural raw materials come from certified suppliers who support a number of community projects in a variety of countries as diverse as Bulgaria, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, South Africa, Italy, India, Somalia and many others. 

They work closely with local farmers and producers, offering financial support as well as managing their exports. This support empowers farmers and farm workers to lift themselves out of poverty by investing in their farms and communities, protecting the environment and developing the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. 

By SOPHYTO formulas averaging 95% of organic ingredients, this means we can truly support farming communities as opposed to the petrochemical industry.


Our work and support with organizations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and Vegan Society lets our caring consumers understand that by purchasing cruelty-free products they can help save rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, rats and other animals. 

Hundreds of thousands of these animals are poisoned, blinded and killed every year in outdated and ineffective product tests for shampoos, household cleaners, cosmetics, hairsprays and other personal care and household items. 

Although more than 600 companies have banned all animal tests forever, some corporations still force substances into animals' stomachs and drip chemicals into rabbits' eyes. These tests are not required by law and they often produce inaccurate and misleading results.


Mega Omegas Day Face Moisturiser

Help rejuvenate mature or very dry skin with this lightweight, non-oily concentrated moisturiser. Imparts optimum levels of organically derived essential fatty acids to help restore moisture, elasticity and tone to the epidermis. 

Helps support skins natural barrier function providing long-lasting hydration from damaging environmental aggressors. This luxurious formula also serves as a hydrating primer before mineral or liquid make up application

Key Benefits:

Suitable for dehydrated, mature skin types, or skin exposed to moisture depleting environments.

Contains polyunsaturated fatty Acids (PUFAs), omega-3, omega-6, omega-9, linoleic acid and gamma linoleic acid (GLA).

Blends quickly into skin without a trace of oiliness leaving skin with a satin finish

Beneficial for inflamed, or sensitive skin following; laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and sun burn.

Optimal benefits to enhance elasticity and skin integrity.

Anti-inflammatory properties of essential fatty acids aid irritated conditions.

Ideal primer for mineral or liquid make up application.

Does not contain essential oils, or essential oil components.

pH 5 for normal skin range.

90% of this product contains agricultural ingredients that have been produced organically.


*aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, *simondsia californica (jojoba oil), cetearyl alcohol, *butyrosperum parkii (shea butter), *helianthus annus (sunflower oil) and *daucus carota sativa (carrot) root extract, sodium stearoyl lactylate, glyceryl stearate, *oenothera biennis (evening primrose oil), *punica granatum (pomegranite oil), *rubus idaeus (raspberry oil), *beeswax, levulinic acid, aqua (water), sodium dehydroacetate (food grade), lecithin, *paeonia lactiflora (white peony) root extract, *rosa damascena (rose) flower extract, vegetable glycerin, tocopherol (vitamin E), *guar gum, xanthum gum, *grain alcohol, sodium hydroxide, citric acid. *organically grown and processed in accordance with Soil Association Organic Standards UK. 90% of the agricultural ingredients are produced organically.


All treatments will include a free consultation, skin analysis, guidance & advise.

Express Facial - £15.00 [30 min]

A boost for any skin type, this treatment includes cleansing, toning, massage, mask and moisturisers, accordingly with skin type.

Luxury Express Facial - £20.00 [45 min]

Suitable for all skin types which are looking for that extra clean feeling. Includes deep cleanse, tone, exfoliation, massage, mask and moisturisers, accordingly with skin type.

Essential Prescriptive Facial with Hot Stone massage - £25.00 [60 min]

Good for all skin types. Using, steam, exfoliation, mask & a balancing pressure point massage for face and scalp, finished with essential moisturisers, accordingly with skin type. A truly unique experience, a must for relaxation & de-stressing.

Absolute Skin Brightening Facial with Hot Stone Massage - £30.00 [60 min]

Suitable for all skin types. This facial has all the benefits of the above, however the prescription will also include concentrated marine peptide formula for sluggish skin and highly concentrated multi-vitamin drops nourished into the skin on top of exquisite moisturisers via luxury massage.