Dermalogica Skin Care Products & Facials

The whole idea behind Dermalogica is really quite simple. Dermalogica products have been designed by professionals for professionals with the single objective of promoting skin health. Dermalogica have always believed that, although it is easier to formulate 'beauty products' with them, that their products should not contain ingredients that are the common cause of irritation. Dermalogica products are cruelty free and do not contain:

Mineral Oil


SD Alcohol

Artificial colours


The Dermalogica Story

Dermalogica began in 1986 when Jane Wurwand, after establishing the International Dermal Institute to promote training for therapists entering the industry after graduation, realised that there wasn't a range of skin care products that delivered her belief in skin health. Dermalogica was born and the world of skin care was turned on it's head.

Dermalogica Skin Care Specialists

Achieving skin health can be very difficult and it is always best to be seen by a trained therapist face to face. If you are unable to do this we are always happy to make recommendations for you. If you would like us to help you then please email us at with a full overview of the problems you are experiencing, along with the type of products you would like us to recommend.

Dermalogica Face Mapping and Skin Analysis FREE 

Rather than relying on fragrance, packaging, or word of mouth when selecting a cleanser or moisturizer, what if you could choose based upon facts about your very own skin condition? Face Mapping®, Dermalogica’s unique skin analysis available at authorized skin treatment centers, salons, and spas worldwide, provides insight into your skin’s past and present, and allows the subsequent prescription of a targeted home care regimen for a healthy skin future.

Developed by The International Dermal Institute for Dermalogica, Face Mapping® takes no more than five to ten minutes, is free, and eliminates the guesswork when selecting products for results on your skin.

Rather than analyzing the skin in general terms, a Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist uses Face Mapping® to divide the facial landscape into fourteen zones. Each zone is thoroughly examined inch-by-inch through touch and site, and findings are notated on a prescription sheet.

This prescription sheet serves as a customized visual guide for you, outlining on an actual facial landscape illustration where conditions including congestion, breakouts, dehydration, and/or hyperpigmentation are present.

Face Mapping® maintains an accurate record of your skin, which provides you and your Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist an objective view into the results of any professional product recommendation.

Face Mapping® is only available from Dermalogica skin care professionals at authorized skin treatment centers, salons and spas worldwide.


Dermalogica Facials

Every facial begins with the Dermalogica face mapping procedure, which divides the face into 14 distinct zones, each having it’s own set of potential problems and unique needs. This mapping provides the therapist with an objective view of the skin condition, as well as an indication of the underlying health issues that may have an adverse affect on the skin.

All Dermalogica full facials include:

Swedish + Pressure point massage.        

Extractions and steam when appropriate.

Dermalogica Micro Zone Treatments

Eye Rescue treatment

30mins £20.00

This treatment is designed to firm & tone the eye area, helping to diminish fine lines, reduce puffiness and soothes irritated tired eyes.

Lip Renewal Treatment

30mins £20.00

This treatment is designed to smooth, condition and restore rough, uneven lips for a healthier, plumper, younger looking smile.

Rapid spot clearing

30mins £20.00

This treatment will target problem areas, includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, sebum clearing mask finishing with a special clearing booster, say goodbye to your spots!

Intense moisture treatment

30mins £20.00

This treatment is for those busy clients who need the benefits of a full facial but just do not have time. treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, replenishment treatment, skin hydrating booster, colloidal masque finishing with a solar defence booster.

Teenage Facial 30 min £20.00  

A perfect treatment to teach teenagers the importance of looking after their skin, includes face mapping, cleanse, tone, exfoliation, masque and moisturising. Includes pressure point massage.

Dermalogica Prescriptive Express Facial 30 min £20.00

Perfect for a quick fix.This condensed version of the classic facial gives healthy glowing skin in thirty minutes! Demalogica mini treatment can be adapted to all skin types.

Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial 60 min £30.00                                                                                         

This treatment will be unique to each individual client by using Dermalogica products for your skin type. 

We will determine your skin type at the start of your treatment by doing a 5 minute face map. Here your therapist will divide your face into 14 different zones each with its own set of unique concerns. This treatment will also include your cleanse, tone, exfoliant, masque and moisturiser with a pressure point massage to ensure ultimate relaxation.

Skin Brightening Treatment 60 min £35.00 

This treatment improves skin fragmentation when combined with regular treatments and adequate home care. Pigmentation will ultimatley fade to give you a balanced healthy complexion. Your skin therapist will be treating uneven skin from hormonal imbalance, UV exposure and pregnancy. Includes pressure point massage.

Multivitamin Power Treatment 60 min £35.00                                                                                

Multivitamin power treatment is ideal for clients suffering from premature aging and dry skin. Afterwards your skin will be noticeably firmer, smoother and revived. This is our most popular facial, for the lastest in vitamin repair, this is the hydroxy and exfoliation. Pressure point massage also included.

Dermalogical Anti-Aging Facial 60 mins £40.00

Most Powerful Demalogica treatment for prematurely ageing, dry, sun damaged skin, providing nourishment and regeneration. Skin will be noticeably firmer, smoother and revised.

Dermalogica Anti Acne Facial 60 min £45.00

Our medicated clearing treatment will focus on purifying your skin with deep cleansing, followed by extraction. Formulated to improve skin clarity and reduce blemishes, while soothing redness and inflammation. Encourages balance and control of this skin condition.

Tailored ChromaWhite Dermalogica Brightening Facial 75 min £55

Suitable for adults with skin discoloration and pigmentation concerns. This hydroquinone-free brightening system works to prevent the appearance of brown patches or hyperpigmentation. Dermalogica ChromaWhite brightening system takes a three step approach to controlling hyperpigmentation whilst simultaneously focusing on preparing the skin, preventing pigmentation and protecting skin against elements that can trigger discolouration.

Powerful exfoliants smooth skin and slough off dulling surface cells, helping to minimise the appearance of sun damage and age spots. Rich botanical extracts help treat and prevent cellular discolouration. Requires a course of prescribed facial treatment for rapid result.




Today, more than ever, the desire to reverse the signs of ageing and achieve luminous skin has found its way to the top of most clients’ priority list. However, modern lifestyle has prevented us from investing enough time in professional skin treatments to deliver these results.

Dermalogica have recently Introduced Active Resurface 35; an advanced 45-minute resurfacing treatment that utilises a cocktail of the most advanced cosmeceutical ingredients available in today’s innovative skin care arena.

Skin care professionals recognise exfoliation as one of the most effective treatments for addressing major skin concerns. With maturity, our skin’s natural desquamation process slows, causing a build-up of dead corneocytes at the skin’s surface. This decrease in cell turnover is also accompanied by a slowdown in the cell renewal rate.

Active Resurface 35 is a professional skin treatment completely customisable to individual skin requirements, providing intense resurfacing to stimulate cell renewal and cell turnover whilst helping to treat the following skin concerns:

-        Premature ageing/sun damage/fine lines

-        Pigmentation/uneven skin tone

-        Dehydration

-        Congestion

-        Dryness/flakiness

The hero formulation within the Active Resurface 35 treatment is Active Resurface 35. This AHA-BHA concentrate contains the highly active skin-smoothing ingredients of lactic acid and salicylic acid, along with a complex of proteolytic enzymes and peptides to boost exfoliation and result in ultra-smooth skin. In combination with Dermalogica’s professional exfoliation options, significant results are visible after one treatment experience.  This treatment is only performed at Dermalogica clinics, each client can have a bespoke treatment by utilising Dermalogica’s unique Skin Mapping program to get the best benefits with Active Resurface.

“Dermalogica does not rely upon one form of ‘active’ ingredient, but rather a synergy of ‘actives’ to achieve maximum results utilising a combination of cosmeceutical botanicals, alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA’s) and beta hydroxyl acids (BHA’s) – always with skin health as a priority”.